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Tiny pricks of pain,
flowing down
like vast rivulets,
expressing heartbreak

A poignant melancholy,
reflection of this mundane world,
It's shallowness, it's treachery
the lack of noble men

That love for love's sake
free, unconditioned
and breathe for breath's sake
the subtle source within

Retreat in silence
to the spirit hidden
Don't see the light,
be it !

Like tiny particles of dust
floating by,
for ages, unseen,
unnurtured, unkempt

Floating past,
from place to place
no peace , no rest
testing the sands of time

Till light upon it falls,
from it's deep slumber, wakened,
from it, transmitted to fellow particles

A medium they provide,
the whole Earth lighted
It's plane of vibrations
thus uplifted

This time behold,
rebirth , great souls,
A story foretold,
this inner transformation.

Sneha Mohanty

Angels March

Joyful, consequent and fearless,
Righteous and with dignity,
We fight our daily battle
With the inner enemy.

We destroy the lust and greedy,
Ignorance and jealously,
And we meditate together
Through grace of Shri Mataji.

Our armor is forgiveness
And the love is our sword,
And we spread the divine sweetness
To all corners of the world.

Sorin Voinescu

Mother Thy Love

Whether in castles or on roads I live in thy lotus feet- my ultimate abode.
Though my throat be at thirst,
The soul drinks the nectar of thy love,
I came on earth empty hands
Nothing I can call as mine
But may I be so kind to myself
to surrender to thee-divine.
All my heart beats be at the tune of thy love,
And when I breath my last
Rub off all memories of the past,
May there be no attachment's sorrow,
I be in thy pure love
While relieving from the heart,
The soul may only sing "Ma teri Jai Ho"


Greater than a thrilling
that may perceive me
it is only the
where I recognise

Despite a tremendous
I might go
It is only the
Where I recognise

Please, keep me away
from all shiny temptations
that pretends to be
from any empire of falsehood
that makes my heart

All I desire is Silence.

Since my spirit
whispered me a clue -
It is only the Silence,
where I can truly meet You.

by Daisy

I am the Spirit

I am my heart,
I am the water,
I am the earth,
I am the sun,
I am the stars,
I am the Spirit.

by Giorgio Angioni


The clouds
are moving slowly,
while the earth
turns around
and all feels still.

by Giorgio Angioni

A flower does not speak

A flower does not speak but through its fragrance,
A tree does not speak but through the wind in the leaves,
The sea does not speak but through the sound of the waves,
The clouds do not speak but through the rain,
The mountain does not speak but through the river.
Oh Mother, Your guidance has been much more than words,
But now it arrives through Your silence ...
We discover that You are the fragrance of the flower,
You are the vibrations of the waves of the sea,
You are the cloud and You are the rain,
You are the mountain and You are the river.

Giorgio Angioni